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About Me

Born and raised in San Francisco, I was surrounded with art and culture.  What started as simple interests and

hobbies, turned into a deep love and understanding for fashion.  This passion, along with formal education,

ambition, positive work ethic, and work process efficiency, cultivated a successful career in bridal fashion,

with an acute sense for the American market.

As a Designer for over 20 years, I have created for globally-recognized Bridal and Evening gown brands including

Randy Fenoli Bridal, MODECA, Le Papillon, Curves by Modeca, Couture by Modeca, Sottero & Midgley, Maggie Sottero,

Mon Cheri Couture by Sabrina Toy, Mon Cheri, 2be, and Jessica McClintock.  

Over the years, I have worked diligently to create positive professional relationships with numerous factories

in China and Taiwan.  I have also developed a reputation for outstanding tailoring, unparalleled lace placement,

and unique bead work with a management style that promotes the highest mutual respect.

With constant devotion and motivation, I look forward to the next phase in pursuit of excellence in this evolving fast-paced industry.


"Sabrina is a rare blend of the left and right hemispheres; she is a gifted, intuitive and creative designer with an impeccable eye for detail, while being reasoned,

analytical, logical and reality-oriented in her approach.  She is intelligent, well-spoken, self-motivated, and a high achieving professional with business sense,

passion and drive to succeed.  Sabrina has my unqualified endorsement as a high impact, hands-on designer that would be an immediate contributor

to well-established or emerging brands that value authenticity, creative balance and design efficiency.  I hold Sabrina in high regard, and

given an appropriate opportunity, would recommend her without reservation."

- Bob Cahoon  (President & COO - Maggie Sottero Designs 12/1994 – 3/2017)

​"Sabrina showcased many of her talents during her time with us.  Her sketching is not only accurate but beautiful, her pattern knowledge and engineering

prowess is amazing, her trend research is extremely well thought out and her attention to detail and innovation made for many gorgeous and top selling

platinum status gowns.  Of particular value was Sabrina’s commitment, reliability, and dedication.  Sabrina was not only a great designer but a

professional leader who earned respect, mentored, and fostered our in house teams.  She worked well with our factories’ design staff and built

strong and respectful relationships with them.  Without a doubt, Sabrina was a joy to work with and has my highest recommendation."

- Kelly Midgley  (Owner/CEO - Maggie Sottero Designs)

"Sabrina is one of the most humble and talented designers in our industry.  She has a proven track record developing high-volume reordering gowns for

both of the manufactures I have had the pleasure of working with during her tenure as a designer.  Specifically, during her most recent work with

Maggie Sottero, she drove their brand, aesthetics, and style innovation to the next level with her creations.  She is not one to boast about

her talents but is a confident leader in setting trends, forecasting patterns, and succeeding in the bridal fashion industry."

- Lynn Crandall (President - The Bridal Collection)

"Sabrina's management style is motivational and empowering.  Her effective communication skills makes her a good leader.  She is reliable and well respected among

her peers which creates an environment for efficient and innovative design.  As a critical problem solver, Sabrina gives instructions in a concise, positive manner.  Her

clear delegation of workload and precise time-management helped our team to excel.  The USA and overseas teams always acknowledged her unmatched work ethics."

- Carlynne Cutler (Assistant Designer to Sabrina - Maggie Sottero Designs  2015-2020, Design Assistant to Sabrina 2011-2015)

"Working with Sabrina for over 10 years, I have to say she is the most organized designer and problem solver I have ever worked with.

Our design team at Bonny factory are inspired by Sabrina's creations.  She motivates us and we are constantly excited about her

design talent and her detailed approach.   She is always willing to provide solutions for any problems from our team

(whether it's design, pattern-making, fabric ordering, or production related) and is very open minded in considering

suggestions.  During her work with Maggie Sottero, she's produced countless top-selling styles which received

positive reactions from the market.   We love to work with Sabrina not just because she brings us

high-volume reordering business, but because she shares her rich experience with us.  Sabrina is

such a warm hearted person and worth keeping a long-term relationship with."

- Zoe Huang (Factory Manager - Bonny Industries)

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